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We do not sell to businesses.

We create value for them.


Quality matters.

A great way to ensure your prestigious product gets the branding it deserves, or more? You call it. These rigid boxes are made to withstand forces and protect your product inside, also adding its own touch of class along the way.


Ingenious finishing. Quality a league above.

Great design is everywhere. The boxes for packaging are as important as what they hold inside. Packaging plays a great role in marketing your product, for it portrays the care the company has taken in enabling the product reach the final consumers for use or consumption.


Spotless. Perfection before your eyes.

Our company was founded in the Printing Industry. Having been in this field for about one and a half decade, we know what you are talking about. Books? Business cards? Brochures? PoP materials? Or your own customised product? We've got your back.

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Securing our customers and their products.

There is always a need to secure our goods in order to ensure that our tradings face no obstacles. Security Seals have proven to be the answer to both security and cost-factor. These light-weight, high-quality seals are budget-friendly and ensures to lock away your fears.


Tags that reflect the greatness your company beholds.

Our greatest product ever is SEALTAGS. We provide our customers with all types of seal tags, ranging from different materials to different sizes, all precisely carved with care to ensure great quality and durability. Click the button below to enter our exclusive segment containing all kinds of sealing accessories and tags.

Woven Labels

Made with care. Hold no regrets.

Across the garment industry, woven labels play an important role. Ranging from new entrepreneurs to large business enterprises, woven labels are much needed, as they help display the brand name and other information. After all, with the perfect blend of professional machineries and our workforce's expertise, our customers are never left in regret.

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