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Cartons for mass production - the budget-friendly and quality choice

Production could get tricky. There are many things to be considered that correlate and contribute towards the sale of the final product. There is the product design, pricing, appropriate marketing channels and a lot more. Making such significant decisions could be tiring, and even devastating to some. One such important contributor is the packaging and its design.

There are numerous questions that arise in a consumer’s mind when it comes to choosing the right packaging option:

⁃ What sort of packaging should I use for my product?

⁃ Is this packaging secure enough?

⁃ Is this the wisest option for me to stay low on packaging costs for mass production?

The answer to these questions is carton boxes.

Carton boxes, when printed, sport an outstanding feel and look. Although this is not a wise option for luxury products (since they require utmost security and rigid boxes are the way) this surely is the way to go if one requires cheap, yet high-quality printed boxes.

Some of the common types of carton boxes are:

⁃ Mono cartons

⁃ Corrugated cartons

⁃ LED bulb cartons

⁃ 3 PLY mono cartons

Carton boxes are entirely customisable, and it’s all possible here at Color Works. Our clients hold the freedom to design packaging boxes as per their requirements and style.

A key reason why clients choose Color Works is for its unchallenged high quality production at such competitive and budget-friendly prices. To know more, log on to our website at


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